Saturday, 3 October 2015

Back on air

PD0FF Foppe is back on the air. Helped him this morning to get a Diamond X50N installed and brought back some of his equipment. It involved some soldering of N-connectors. It was a long time ago I did that as I'm more used to HF and PL-connectors. Foppe came up with one of my first QSL cards. Made a quick photo from it. Luckely Foppe feels better and really wants to get involved again in the radio hobby.

Friday, 2 October 2015


I added a list of the DXCC that heard my 1W signal at my WSPR DXCC page now. Still wonder how many years it will take till I have 100? I have some very nice DXCC in my list like Wake Isl. and Macquarie Isl.. Try to work those in any mode. I never heard them on SSB or CW or any other digimode besides wspr ever. But they did hear my 1W whispering signal.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Olivia again

It has been 3 years ago I made my first and I believe only QSO in the digital mode Olivia. I've been trying and looking for contacts but no luck at all. There are not many that have the patience and writing skill you need for this mode. Not to forget you need to have a social skill as well as this is a ragchew mode. If you try this mode, others expect some chat and not the usual macro commands. Olivia digital mode is not for everyone I think, but suits me well as I like reading and writing. Yesterday evening I finally had a Olivia QSO on 20m with AJ8S Jim. His signal was barely readable though Olivia decoded it without many problems. We had a qso that lasted I think at least 20 minutes. Jim is a retired engineer and has been working in the Netherlands in the past. Olivia mode is so different from other digital modes especially when you meet someone interesting and have a nice chat. You can do this via the internet of course. But wireless via radio is so much more magic. It gives you the feeling of radio before the internet and phone age. I feels very good...