Sunday, 26 April 2015

24h 10m WSPR

10m WSPR was very busy this weekend. Including some longpath propagation. Unfortenately there are always the same DXCC that are active. Sometimes you'll see some new ones like VP8ALJ Falkland Islands this week. But overall it is some South America, North America, Europe, Australia, Japan and very few from Asia and Africa. I always keep an eye on blogs from G3XBM and PA0O which are very active on 10m WSPR and so they will detect any new one that are spotting their signals. At the moment I am at 78 DXCC that spotted my 1W WSPR signal. It is getting hard to find new ones now and I'm curious when I will reach 100 DXCC. At the rate of about 5 new ones in a year it will take another 4 or 5 years. But with the degrading propagation I guess 10 years will be more realistic.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

10m long path, distance record with 1W WSPR

Just received VK a few times late in the evening. My HB9CV pointed west. Unusual late 10m propagation.

I'm actually hunting for KP4MD who has been active on 10m this evening, but propagation is too good. Signals are hopping right over him much further away. KP4 is not yet in my log and would be WSPR DXCC nr.79.

Distance shown at is not correct for long path propagation. VK4CZ -> PE4BAS is almost 24000km. I have only received VK, they did not spot my 1W signal yet.

Update 21:45 UTC: It is almost midnight here. Still there are a lot of traces in the WSPR waterfall. It was only a matter of time. My distance record has been broken. 23810km with 1W WSPR.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Another WSPR DXCC hunt.

Had a very stressful moment this morning when I saw on this weblog I was QRV on 12m with the FT817 instead of 10m which I setup early in the morning before leaving home. Luckely my station can be remotely accessed so I did correct the trx frequency with HRD. But many times has the FT817 been transmitting with a high SWR? I cannot see if the FT817 has actual power output through the remote connection. So I had to wait till I got a spot from PA0O which is the nearest station on WSPR here. Luckely around 7:22 he did finally spot me so I have a signal on the air. Now I had to wait till 16 UTC to see if VP8ALJ would spot my 1 Watt WSPR signal to get DXCC 78. At the end of the day I finally had time to view the data collected on WSPRnet, no VP8. It seems he was not active on 10 today. I was not received by any new DXCC at all. Although on the other side late in the evening WSPR-X I did see a 5W signal from ZL2IT with -20dB on long path, most interesting! Time to test the path with WSJT-X and called CQ on JT9 with almost no results, only spots from LU. Although JT65 was full of signals, even Japan on long path. A fast QSO with CX7BBR (+11000 km, -10dB report) with 5W proved the path is good. But no ZL unfortenately. Then I saw VP8ALJ was active on 15m WSPR, not my best band but tried my luck. First spot I received on 15 was VP8ALJ with a massive -13dB. Unfortenately WSPR-X is not very reliable here and that was the only and last spot the program did. Although there actually were a lot of signals in the waterfall. So I switched over to the old WSPR 2.0 which has proven it's reliable. I don't know why but the old version does a better job. And yes, the next transmission I was finally received by VP8ALJ with -22dB. WSPR DXCC nr. 78 is in the log!