Tuesday, 30 June 2015

PMR 15km? No way?

A Personal Message Radio can be used for free here in the Netherlands. 8 channels in the 446 MHz band have been assigned for this and power output is max. 500mW. You don't need a license for this and it is ideal for communication on vacation. Now this Turkish company is advertising with their own brand Heider. It looks like.....our famous Baofeng UV-3R Mark 2. The strange thing is that my little Baofeng does at least 6dB more power but max. range would be about 10km at normal use and only if the opposite is a base station. I think and hope that if I use my Baofeng with my large 40cm Comet SMA24 flex I can have a QSO with someone 5km away with the same set up. The Comet SMA24 is certainly the best antenna to date for my small HT, though it is priced half of what you pay for a complete UV-3R. Anyway, the turkish company claims this little HT has cellulair receive. That's why this little wonder of technology has a range of a magical 15km (on free space that is, so only at sea I guess). No, I don't think this company has something like coversity like we have here in northern Netherlands, if they ever heard about it. This is just a case of misleading customers I guess. Although I like the large antenna they use....

UV-3R with Comet SMA24
It all does remind me of my CB years. When CB started in the Netherlands we were allowed 100mW walky talkies. I remember they advertised those had a range of 5km. But in reality it was only a few 100 mtrs. So, I hope for those that buy these little Heiders the range will be about a kilometer if they are lucky.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Record distances on 6m

Well, for me actually. A new distance record has been set with my 1W WSPR signal been heard in Israel bij 4X1RF. I didn't manage that last year! I've been on 6m WSPR mainly today and I know Roger G3XBM as well as Jaap PA0O were on as well. So I made a small comparisation between our stations. Now, Jaap is TXing with 5W and of course that will give him some advantage. But overall his best distance was Israel as well so what is the use of that much power? Map pictures are only from TX.

I started this morning (3:45 UTC) and discovered the band was full of video carriers. Disturbing my WSPR reception as well. At the moment I write this there is still a video carrier on 49.750 MHz with S9. But activity on 6m is low. Strange? My signal has not been heard towards Spain or Morocco, Roger has been heard there and is TXing with 1W. We are still hoping for transatlantic propagation, things can change in a minute. So it is important to stay on...

Monday, 22 June 2015

6m ES

Have been on 6m almost exclusively last week. And made a lot of QSOs there. Most of them on SSB, a few on CW and JT65A. One new DXCC TK4LS Corsica Isl. Today is the longest day of the year. ES was really nice and brought me 4 new DXCC on WSPR. Stations from Norway, Balearic Isl., France and Switzerland heard my 1W signal.

6m propagation between Europe, Africa, South America and USA has been spotted on the clusters yesterday. However I didn't hear anything here. Could be the antenna of course, it still is my W2000 vertical on 6m height not really suitable for DX. But though I had some DX to EA8CSG/P (Canary Isl.), 9H5G (Malta) today. If you call that DX anyway...