Sunday, 15 May 2016

More mills

Well, not many more. It looks like propagation died, at least at my end. 40m was almost dead here and I only worked 2 more mills in this special event.

GB0SNM Jim from Sturminster Newton watermill, Sturminster Newton, England. Jim told me when the mill is working they really need their headphones because of the loud noise the water is generating. Mills were already at this location 1000 years ago.

GB6MW Guy from Meopham windmill, Meopham Green, England.

Again not anything heard from dutch mills. Ik have been tuning around 40m several times but these were the only ones I could hear and work. Anyway, it was nice to work them and I hope they had fun as well with the Mills On The Air activation.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Mills on the Air contacts & first 6m QSOs

Had some "Mills on the Air" contacts today after I heard a small item on the regional radio here. Unfortenately the bands were all almost closed. Nothing could be heard on 20m. On 40m a few stations only.

GB2DWM Steve from Duloe Mill (well actually only the building). Eaton Socon, Cambridgeshire, England.

GB3LMW Rich from watermill Llanyrafon Mill, Cwmbrân, Torfaen, Wales

GB0SBM Martin from Slatford Brassmill, Slatford, England

Unfortenately not any station from a Dutch mill was heard. I will have to try again tomorrow. After the last QSO on 40m I went to tune over 20 and 17m. I heard someone talking on 17m that 6m was open today and then switched to 50MHz to find a opening to Italy and Spain. First QSO this year and season with EA7JUR John and second with IT9CFP Guiseppe.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Obscure digital modes

I had the opportunity to make 2 THROB QSOs today. Why? Just because stations were calling and had RSID signal on so I knew it was the THROB mode. Never ever heard any station before in THROB. Now after some searching there seem to be 2 THROB modes, THROB and THROBX. Interesting, but obscure. THROB is a MFSK mode just like JT65 and JT9 and many more. DM780 (HRD digimode software) has a lot on board. A interesting list can be found here, including waterfall pics:

Some inside info on digimodes can be found here:

Although I miss SIM31 in his list. By the way, AC4M tested populair PSK decoding software in several situations:

Of course these are not the only sites about digimodes. But lots can be found. I don't know how many digimodes there are around but shure there are many.

What is the most obscure mode you ever used?

For me it is THROB at the moment, but you never know what I will encounter next time...