Wednesday, 10 February 2016

PACC 2016 change in rules

Normally I'm already busy to get ready for the PACC contest. But like last year I got 2 birthday parties both Saturday and Sunday. So a full time participation is not possible. I will enter the contest with QRP like last year. The target is to beat the score from last year, we will see. As a extra I hope to work some extra DXCC for the 100 DXCC in 100 days QRP challenge.

The rules for 2016 changed as every DXCC is now counting both is SSB as CW. In a multi operator contest station that means you should have a equal CW/SSB operating to get a better score. That is not always possible and could be a disadvantage. Our provincial conteststation PA6GR for instance will miss the top CW operator PA4O. PA0VAJ Jan will take his place. PA4O will contest on the PA1A location in the High Power CW only section.

A good site to view the battles and may to add your live score yourself is I'll
probabely try to add my score there live as well. Just for the fun of it.

Well, to those who are competing seriously and will do the complete 24 hour contest without any sleep. I wish you all good luck. Hopefully I will work you this year. There will be a year I manage to go for it the full 24 hours somewhere in the future I hope...

Please read the rules and contest log program setup tipes carefully. You can find hem here:

Tuesday, 9 February 2016


This time of the year we always have a storm season. Windforces from 90-120 km/h occur on some days. You can now see a live map from the wind and force around the world here:,53.76,1056/loc=11.502,63.284

I can look at this map for ages. If you click on a location you can see the windforce in km/h. Interesting to see how the wind moves over the ocean. Especially around the coast of Greenland there seems to be always a storm.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Something complete different

The nice thing of this blog is that you can write about actually everything you like. Doesn't have to do necessarely with hamradio, radio or antennas. So, today I write about something completely different. Though actually it was a other HAMradio operator that got me involved in this. I wrote about it before 3 years ago. G1HGD Mike sent me a tape from a band called "Porcupine Tree". I immidiatly liked the music although he sent me some other tapes as well from various artists.

Since then I bought some CDs and went to a concert here in Groningen in 2003. Now, it's 2016. Porcupine Tree is not active at the moment but their leadsinger Steven Wilson a musical multitalent is. Of course music is very personal, so this blogpost is actually just for me and those who are interested. I'm not really concert minded, but if a artist you like is playing nearby only once in the 13 have to go. Steven Wilson's music can best be described as "magical but at the same time horrifying" strange combination isn't it. It is very complex music, you like it or you disgust. But just like I wrote, music is very personal. I get goose bumps from it. Especially when you are there when it is played live. What can I tell, it got me busy this week and I really enjoyed the concert. Now afterwards it's just viewing photos from the concert and listening to his newest albums (Hand.Cannot. Erase & 4 1/2) and remembering. Will he be here again in 10-15 years? I really don't know as Steven's popularity rises he cannot play everywhere. Certainly not at small concerthalls anymore.
Some highlights....everything actually as the complete album was played live. After a short break he played some other songs from the newest "left over songs" album. The special thing was that a a large transparant cloth was in front of the stage, they projected both on background as on this cloth which gave a very nice effect. Shining lights from behind in different angles gave a very hypnotizing effect. Hard to describe as you need to see this to experience it. Below a short video which is from last years tour in the USA.

Well, this post has nothing to do with HAMradio. Not enough to start another blog and why should I. I like it and it's my blog (sorry I'm selfish). Hope you readers liked it and otherwise just wait....I got lots of HAMradio related posts still as a concept. A lot of ideas, a lot of radio experiments and a lot of radio experiences. Stay tuned!