Thursday, 23 March 2017

#cqww WPX SSB 2017 what's interesting?

Well, in the weekend that our time changes from winter to summertime (or vice versa) it's contest
time. So is this weekend. I've been looking at the announced operations for this contest. So far the
only interesting DXCC that's a ATNO for me personally would be E51 (South Cook Isl.) and S21 (Bangladesh). I will look out for them definitely. If I would plan a major DXpedition I would always try to do that during the biggest contests weekends, it gives so many more QSOs. However propagation is a bit low but chances for DX are always there. I will not be on for 48 hours but slip into the shack whenever possible, probabely most times during the night and early morning. The PE4 suffix is not that common so I expect some nice pile-ups.

Hear you on the air! 

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Alpha Charlie (Air Cadets)

In between busy familie chores I found some time to be in front of the radio and work some of the air cadets in their blue ham radio excersise. I think many stations did not know what it was all about as the air cadet stations don't use the radioamateurs language and codes. They call CQ with "Alpha Charley". Unfortunately I was not able to get that on video but will try to do that next weekend. I made a video from my contact with MRE31S but unfortenately the audio doesn't sound very clear.
Most of the activity was outside the frequencies allocated for most countries as the region-1 60m allocation. We dutch radioamateurs are still lucky to be allowed outside these frequencies and so it was possible to work these militairy style stations again.

I found a interesting report from a participating air cadet station of last year, nice read:

Another interesting page is the wiki page:

There are also dutch air cadets, but will they ever organise a radio excersise?

Friday, 17 March 2017

RX VK 160m JT65A

Amazing, I received VK5PO a couple of times on 160m. Strongest signal was -18dB. Several stations were replying but he didn't make a QSO. My own signal was spotted across Europe and part of Russia. There was one transatlantic spot from VO1HP. However I've never been able to make a real QSO on 160m that direction...

Correction I just made my first transatlantic QSO on 160m. Used 30W on my vertical. Never thought it was possible....with Canada I would believe it. But the first one was with KA1R Matt from Massachusetts USA. Propagation on the low bands has to be amazing tonight...

Other bands seem to be open as well. Worked 9N7EI (Nepal) on 30m CW and V21ZG (Antigua& Barbuda) on 60m RTTY.