Friday, 28 April 2017

We have a winner...

We finally have a winner. It is PE1BVQ Hans who came with the final location. Was it hard to find me? It seems so because there were no other right answers. Actually not many seem to have a interest in a book about DX? Hans, you will get the book and it is interesting for shure. Well, to find me was not that hard. Even without a radio it would be possible. Just check the activity list at and find me. Then it is just a matter of writing my call in the database to find the locator. The hard part was the exact name of the location. If you think logical the best guess was somewhere on a vacation park which is as far as I know the only one in this square. 3 options were right. The exact location was Selkaer Molle but Selkaer or Glesborg would be right also.

Well I ended transmissions, the whole station is packed again. We will go home tomorrow and leave early. It was a great vacation. Hobby wise I learned a lot again. The superantenna MP-1 tripped over by the wind again and I really find another way to connect the antenna to the tripod as it cracked again. I know the tripod is made for a camera and not for a (heavy) antenna. I've been active on 20,30 and 40m and made some QSOs in SSB, JT65 and JT9. Only one QSO with the homeland.PD0ME Margienus was the lucky one. PB7Z and PA4GB almost made it but were unable to pick my weak signal out of the noise.

At a certain time on 40m I had a small pile-up ;-)....
Well, look at the picture. JTDX still is amazing. 2 decodes on the same (722Hz) frequency. I worked M0PXS by the way...

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

OZ/PE4BAS update

My separate shack on the left!!!
A small update from mu vacation qth in Denmark. I'm surprised there is still no definitive winner in de give away contest. PE1BVQ is close but does miss the QTH name. Just 2 tips: I'm not in the center of the locator square and of course I'm on a holiday park.

Till now I've been on 30m and 20m band in PSK, JT65, JT9 and SSB. So far made only 3 QSO. In PSK seems to be difficult, I don't know why? I have made many calls and am not spotted anywhere? WSPR is a great success. See the map.Will be switching to 40m soon...

Sunday, 23 April 2017

??/PE4BAS/P from ? (give-away contest)

At the time I write this I'm somewhere on the bands. I'm portable but will not tell my location or exact call. I don't tell which band or mode I will transmit. Like last year I would like to know if you can find me? Tell me:

- What call I'm using
- Which country I am in
- my exact location (locator and nearby town)

Please respond with a comment below this post. The first one that has a correct answer will get the book
"The complete DX'er" from Bob W9KNI send to the adres I will find on
Since I will not only use WSPR but also other (digi) modes this will not be easy I guess. I'm curious if someone will find me during the week.